Hosting Upsell Software

Hosting Upsell Software

The cost to gaining new hosting client in the web hosting world is getting tougher.  There are a variety of web hosting options out there, ranging in price and basic services.  As the cost of gaining customers increases, so does the importance of retaining these clients long-term.  Depending on how much a hosting company is spending to attract a customer, it might take 2-3 years of collecting monthly hosting fees to just break even. Many web hosting companies are now offering additional software to clients, to hopefully gain more revenue to speed up the break even number.  Hosting upsell software options usually include software to make a site look better on a mobile device, software to track if your site is being hacked or if malware has been installed, a site backup service and DIY SEO tools.

Bluezone labs currently offers a suite of DIY SEO tools which can be branded by a web hosting company and then offered to hosting customers as a web hosting upsell software solution. With 93% of all Internet activity starting at a search engine, if site owners are not doing any SEO to improve the organic rankings of their site, they will not be able to obtain the traffic they need to be successful and the cancelation of their hosting account is imminent.

Our DIY SEO tools are easy to use, they do increase a sites rankings, which increases the number of months a hosting clients remains paying their monthly hosting fees.  Check our DIY SEO tools as a hosting upsell software opportunity today.

Gator Blue!


We are excited to be partnering up with HostGator, which is now part of the Endurance International Group, is a leading provider of top quality hosting products and services.  We will be working closely with Host Gator to provide their clients the most current and helpful software around.  BlueZone’s solutions fit perfectly with a hosting platform, and we are excited for another opportunity to grow with a great partner.

Gear Up!

SEOgears_Logo_newWe are pleased to announce our newest partnership with SEO SEO Gears and BlueZone Labs are committed to provide clients the very best in DIY tools and managed SEO services in the market. In the coming months we will be releasing new technologies and services to provide site owners exactly what they need to better facilitate improved rankings.

Two Blues!

bluehost_logoWe are pleased to announce a new partnership with Bluehost is a leader in the hosting industry, providing quality hosting services to thousands of site ownesr. Bluehost and BlueZone Labs will be working together to bring the latest DIY SEO tools to Bluehost customers. We see better search rankings for a number of Bluehost clients. :)

Send Big!

logoFinal_Large_200We are pleased to announce the launch of BigSenders makes it easy to send big files (up to 2GB) and track when the email is opened and the file is downloaded. Never wonder again if a time-sensitive email reaches a recipient. Sales materials, tax documents, photos, videos, audio files, sending big and secure is now simple.