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BlueZone Provides Solutions

We pride ourselves on being able to look at an organization or specific process, analyze it, then recognize the choke points, or a hiccups and move to design, create and implement technology to uniquely solve these issues. We have provided solutions for Fortune 100 companies all the way down to small shops. We rely on our experience to discover potential opportunities for improvement, we utilize technology to provide solutions.


Current BlueZone Solutions


A full-functioning suite of SEO tools; research keywords, write content, find links, monitor social accounts, all in one place. A white label version available for hosting providers.

Big Senders

The easiest way to send large file (up to 2GB) to anyone. Track when email if opened and file is downloaded. Safe & Secure!

SEO Reports

All effective SEO strategy must start at understanding where you are, and where you need to go. SEO reports provide this data.

Group Senders

Keep entire groups of people in the conversation by just sending one e-mail. Its secure and fast, everyone stays in the loop!

What can BlueZone do for you?

If you have ever thought you could be more efficient or effective with a new piece of technology. Despite what you may of heard, there may not be an app for that. We can help. Let us take a look at your processes and your business and give you some ideas, and maybe program you some solutions.

Let’s sit down and discuss where you are as a company, what’s your vision for the future and where to do you think technology might help improve your future? We can go from there. We might have something already developed, which could prove very helpful, or we can go further down the road and see if building a new solution is a better fit.

Let’s Get Started

After our initial discussions, our team sits down together and goes through a variety of ideas and concepts which we feel might be a good fit. We will ask you questions, gather more information, maybe visit your organization and site, then develop a plan for what types of solutions we think will be a good fit. Its really a time for us to get to know you and your organization better, understand the challenges, grasp the trending future, then create a plan which seamlessly provides the best solutions to benefit your organization as it moves forward.

Let’s Get Started

Once have presented our proposal and agreed with you on the best direction, we begin to develop a plan on how to build these technologies in phases, and how they will blend in with what you already have going on, and we design to do it in the most efficient way possible. We always design with implementation in mind, after its built, we want it up and benefitting you with as little pain as possible.

Let’s Get Started

This is where the heavy lifting on our side begins. We plug away at building what we all have decided upon. During the build, we will have questions, we will need your input, but depending on the project, we might be more quiet than we have been, this is where we keep our heads down and just get it done.

Let’s Get Started

Where the rubber hits the road. Depending on the size and scope of the project, this can be done in phases. After initial implementation there is always a period of training, modifying, bug fixing, etc., the normal stuff. But rest assured, we have accomplished this with Fortune 100 companies all the way down to 2-man firms. We know how to get our stuff working for you, and when we are done, you will be happy, but we will always be here to offer support.

Let’s Get Started