DigitalTunnelBlueZone Labs is proof of digital evolution.

3 successful companies, each with humble beginnings in a basement, a bedroom and a garage respectfully.  Each facing the challenges of start-up, the risk of losing it all, to sustainable profitability. Each eventually discovering their core competencies and becoming experts in their fields.

Now these 3 firms combine decades of technological experience to create one nimble organization focused solely on solving the online challenges faced by many today.

Who is BlueZone Labs?

Our Company Mission
To provide useful technologies to the market before most realize its a technology they want and need in their life.
The BlueZone Philosophy
Technology done right, helps people, makes life easier, improves customer satisfaction and retention. When these items are accomplished, profits come naturally.
The BlueZone Promise
If we build it, we stand behind it. We improve, service and support all technologies out of our lab. We like to build from the ground up, so we not only know the functionality to the end user, but we also understand fully the foundation on which the functionality is built.
We Can Deliver On Projects
We consider ourselves the Navy Seals of software creators. If you have a problem and just want to see if software exists, or can exist quickly to improve your firm’s situation, let’s chat.

Our Mad Skills

PERL 95%
HTML/CSS/Javascript 95%
API Integration/Dashboard Creation 95%
SEO Tools/Tracking 90%
Online Data Gathering/Reporting 90%
Social Media Monitoring 85%

Our Happy Clients